Vaalisha Klothin

Vaalisha Klothin

Friday, March 18, 2011

Fitting clothes for men are overated

Trends usually came &go over the years some may stay longer than usual.Many people without there own individual identity fall for the over riding trend waves of which they end up taking to far.
    Recently some men have been falling victim to the whole skinny jeans revolution,tinny extra fitting tee-shirts which resemble boob tops that came in a few years back.Expression is free for all it goes beyond boarders but sanity also remains part of humanity does any one agree with me.
   When it cames to men"s dressing it becames percular having chest hairs popping all over from the figure hugging resembling boob tops that are being spotted all over as a fad  to add to the low waist pencil(no room for breathing) jeans that potray all the junk to say the least  is this taking it to far.
   May be its just me i stand corrected as my slogan says it"free spirits no limits".......

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